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  • Hey guys. This is a teaser for my October 18 release, Dirty Cum Whores. It will be close to TWO hours in length (a total of six scenes). Many of you know I just learned editing three weeks ago and I haven't yet mastered balancing the sound, so you might want to lower your volume a bit for this one. Thanks for following!!!

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Depending on who you are is how you perceive me, when in actuality I am all of the above but in various layers. I have always believed in order to know one side of the coin you must also be very familiar with its other side. Sometimes people perceive me on either side of the coin not knowing I am actually considering both sides. Therefore, I am extremely comfortable and confident maneuvering from a submissive role to one of sheer dominance. The reason I created this JustFor.Fans page is because I truly enjoy hearing from all my global fans from over the last two decades and I want to keep that relationship in motion. If you ever have a request for me to film or webcam for post then I will be glad to do whatever possible to make that a reality for you. I really do appreciate you guys!

What can people expect on your page?

My page has everything from giving talking points or answering a fan's questions, to playful oral, to full on bareback, to kink. One thing you will never see on my page, however, are extreme situations like K9, scat, or anything child related. Not only is that illegal, but that material may appear as offensory to the majority of viewers. In all, people should join my page for numerous reasons. First, I have multiple decades of talent and I know how to translate that to the screen and provide an enjoyable show. Second, from time to time I may explain why i am doing something a certain way, thereby educating people who may have an interest in pursuing it in their future. Third, I like to just plain have fun, and I think that comes across quite well in my work. I always tell people that sex should not be complicated and it should not need a road map. Just get together and see where things take you. It is the making of a truly enjoyable experience.

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