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  • You cum WHEN I command you to cum

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I'm Teddy Bear and I represent the hairy as fuck community :). Im proud of how hairy I am and never shave, I "Embrace the fur!". I've had a lot of fans tell me how they used to be insecure of their back hair and that I've inspired them to feel and know they are attractive. And I take pride in that :) I want my page to be a place where all my fans can explore their sexual desires and fantasies and feel safe that they will not be judged, no matter the fetish or fantasy.

What can people expect on your page?

They're gonna see the hairiest hole on the internet get fucked, and get to watch me fuck right back everyone from porn legends to strangers at the gym. Also, my favorite thing to do is to fulfill fan requests. I'm up to #52 right now. So if there is anything you ever wanna see me do in a video just shoot me a message and you may see it pop up next ;-)

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