• Fan Request #33

    Do you enjoy seeing a guy when he’s flaccid? A fan requested a close pic of me when I’m soft and honestly don’t know if you know this but that’s a huge turn on/fetish of mine too. So many guys I know are shy about how they look soft, fuck that explains why dudes do acrobat stunts trying to put on underwear under their towel while changing in the locker room. But while they are insecure about it I actually think it’s fucking hot!

    To see a guy in his natural state is so sexy, enjoying every part of him. And then to watch a soft dick grow and get bigger and thicker FUCK so hot to me, especially when I’m the one making him get harder and harder!

    For me, I pre cum a lot when I start sucking a small soft dick and then slowly feel it grow more and more in my mouth. Tasting it as it gets harder and goes deeper down my throat each time I please him more and more

    Click LIKE if you share this same fetish! I wanna know if me and this fan are not alone in this?

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