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Tell Us About Yourself:

We are “John” and “Marcus” known to many as “The Texas Feral Hogs.” Nothing “flashy” or “glitzy” here. No scripts or acting. “The set” is usually our Texas horse ranch, or where we are at at the time in Los Angeles. We are REAL Texas cowboys, avid Harley Davidson owners, and just an ordinary, down to earth, married couple- two guys—all this comes out in our content. We are a interracial and intergenerational Couple, living openly gay, in DEEP- DEEP-BLOOD RED, rural East Texas, “the belt buckle, of the Bible Belt.” You won’t see us on professional studios content. You generally won’t see us with professional adult entertainment people either- you will see us playing pool at your local bars. We don’t use “porn names”- we keep it real. What you see is what you get. JFF, is more of an “evolution” of Tumblr and Xtube which began as a rebellion against media censorship. JFF: , is a demonstration of or freedom of expression. John, is the “Alpha Pig” by all accounts. A fully retired SoCal police officer, former United States Army Contractor, and Private Investigator, with US government security clearances- he spent 30 Years in public safety before retirement. A native of Los Angeles, and now Texas transplant, he runs the ranch and “day to day” operations around the house. John, by nature of his past, is aggressive, blunt, “matter of fact”, straightforward, and no nonsense. That muscle of his is for more than just looks or pinning Marcus down in bed. John is certainly a product of his work,, and is definitely a “mans man” who calls it like he sees it; fiercely protective of those around him, yet probably one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. Marcus, “Beta Pig”, the younger of the team, a native Texan from a small central Texas town. Marcus, A millennial, was 22 when he stepped up and asked John out on their first “date”. Marcus is a “nerd”, “band geek” and free spirit. John is the love of his life he"s well educated and blunt.

What can people expect on your page?

Why JFF? It’s an evolution of other platforms. Our xtube page EXPLODED in just the first 6 months and after 12 months, we had over 3.8 million viewers and loyal followers. We still have xtube but most of our content was moved to JFF. There were reasons we moved to JFF- money certainly wasn’t it. We have regular incomes. It was more about protecting our content and getting rid of the trolls who WON’T use websites JFF. We really are average guys; no scrips, nothing “faked” or staged. The “location” or “set” is our ranch, back roads, horse trailer, barn, or wherever we are at the time - which is usually impromptu. We enjoy the comments from our viewers and do respond to questions. We hope you enjoy our page, we are constantly trying to improve upon what we have already. Our page is work in progress and we hope you enjoy this crazy journey we are on together. WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US!

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