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  • Texas_Feral_Hogs @TexasFeralHogs

    July 2, 2020, 7:58 pm (Public) | Report

    Dear Subscribers,

    We keep politics off this page. We DO NOT want it here- this is NOT the proper platform for it. You don’t pay for “political commentary” from us.

    Yet, today, we must address a very serious matter. ALL across America, #Covid19 has exploded. There are various reasons for this. We are not going to address that. We are going to address the action THE STATE OF #Texas has now taken and our response.

    It’s no secret covid19 numbers have exploded to an alarming number- NATION WIDE. Urban centers, with high density populations, are feeling the effects. Texas took action today. We must comply.

    In 2009, when I, John, bought this ranch, in remote east Texas, I had just completed my MILITARY training on “weapons of mass destruction”- which are “nuclear, chemical, and biological”. I did not want to be trapped in an urban environment- if an attack happened--I WANTED MY FAMILY SAFE or at least give them a fighting chance to survive such an attack. This virus is a “weapon of mass destruction”- by its very nature; it is an airborne pathogen and It’s killing people.

    I retired in 2011, time has passed, I met Marcus, we built a relationship. We reconsidered living out here a number of times. Let’s face it- we are isolated. We even had an apartment in Dallas at one time. We were looking to purchase a town-home in Palm Springs, California this year. Then Covid19 hit- followed by lock downs, restrictions, closed businesses, and regulations. Then “protest”- riots and looting all over America. Now, we are facing a secondary MASSIVE outbreak of new virus cases. The secondary outbreak in the Dallas area is horrific. The numbers in DFW alone are staggering.

    Yet, because of how WE live in East Texas, we remain unbothered- our life goes on at the same slow pace as always. To be blunt, we were “social distancing" before it was cool, our nearest neighbor is a half mile away.

    If we have contact with three people during our day that’s a lot. Gay Guys from Dallas, until recently, we’re unwilling to come to our ranch at all if we hosted. It was “to far.” We’re 70 miles east of Dallas. That’s since changed- but so has our thinking.

    We were tested for the virus back in late March. We both tested negative. On Monday, we will test again for covid19. Why? We are going to visit friends who are very high risk. Marcus mom is gravely ill. These people are very vulnerable to this virus.

    We have been in CONSTANT contact with our medical professionals on this. We are DRIVING not flying- for obvious reasons. Today, we told several people, FRIENDS, from Dallas they could not come to visit this July 4th Holiday. We canceled our big ranch fireworks show at our house- why? “Health Risk!”

    Our social isolation, is now paying off. Our remote living is keeping us healthy. We have not been to a gay bar since March 13th-we don’t anticipate going to Dallas to socialize anytime between now and January 1. We have canceled all travel plans to Los Angeles until the summer of 2021. Masks are one thing- but we have taken this matter into our own hands.

    Even my “EX” was told he couldn’t come out and visit until we return from our road trip. He lives in Dallas. That hurts- that’s horrible.

    While I, John, was thinking of a “terrorist attack” when I bought this home- IT HAS NOW PAID OFF- “big time” over the last 4 months with this virus. We BOTH remain healthy, SAFE, unbothered by all that troubles in our world these days. We intend to keep it this way.

    We will do group content AGAIN, only when it’s “safe to do so”- and this is based upon our judgement- nobody else’s. If we lose subscribers- so be it. We are taking charge of ourselves and actions.

    We hope you can understand this. We apologize in advance to those who find our content “lacking”- “boring” ect——-but we simply have to consider what is going on around us at the moment.

    For those wondering- these photos are how we live- DAILY. We live a peaceful and non stressful life. We intend to keep it that way.

    John-Texas Feral Hogs

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