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  • Sven Basquiat @SvenBasquiat

    March 12, 2019, 3:15 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    HELLO all my subcribers on Belami FANS! I gonna post here time to time also some text, information and you can always write me into messages! This week I am still going to fill videos and picture daily, want to make some base of the videos for all new subscribers. (Somebody might know some of the videos, cause not all of them are new).
    From next weeks when will be here more content, I will be posting probably 1-2x per week new video (gonna try make interesting content always) and 1-2x some small albums of pictures.

    1, 100 dollars TIP (Video till 3 min)
    2, 200 dollars TIP (Video till 6 min)
    You can have request what you like to see in video, where etc., but if the request will be a bit "difficult" or "silly", or diffciult to shoot that, it might need biggers TIP (haha), but I am pretty open minded and I like to try shoot almost anything. JUST write me into messages.

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