• This is Volume II of the Best of Straight Masked Bareback. This volume features Chris and Brett, Derrick and Jake, and Chris and Luke. I hope you enjoy the video!

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I'm a guy from the Midwest who started doing gay porn in the Fall of 2017. I wanted to create porn that was out of the ordinary and more niche. I did a lot of research to see what was out there, and saw some sites that advertised using straight guys in gay-for-pay situations. After watching a lot of their videos, I wasn't really convinced these guys were straight, but were probably more bisexual. I wanted to do something with guys who, to me, identified as straight. I also wanted to do something that combined my love of giving head with something that wasn't readily available for people. I came upon the idea that true straight guys would more likely receive oral sex from a guy if they could be anonymous; if their identity was totally hidden. That's how the idea of Straight Masked was born. 99% of the guys I use in my videos identify as straight. How do I know that? I know that from talking with them during the interview process and from how they act during the videos. I have to do a lot of talking and lot of coaxing with some of the guys to get them to be verbal and to use their hands on my head! I also play a lot of straight porn for the guys to watch during the process! I decided to create a page on Just For Fans because I wanted to showcase videos that weren't readily available on the internet: true straight guys pushing the boundaries of their sexuality. I hope you enjoy my videos and pictures, and feel free to message me about ways you think I can improve, favorite videos you liked, models you liked, or anything that's on your mind! Thanks!

What can people expect on your page?

The content that potential subscribers can expect from me are videos of straight guys pushing the boundaries of their sexuality: pushing the boundaries of getting head from another guy, and sometimes fucking or getting fucked by another guy. The guys do this while remaining 100% anonymous by wearing a mask. There are some videos out there where a guy will wear a mask to protect his identity, but every video I produce has the straight guy wearing a mask. I think this concept has helped me get straight guys who normally would never do this type of video. I have models who are married, engaged, and have girlfriends. With their identity protected, these guys are more willing to participate in the videos and enjoy the experience. I think people should join my page because I offer something that's not readily available on the market: straight guys who push their boundaries, explore their sexuality, and get totally serviced without having to do anything in return. All while being totally anonymous. Because at Straight Masked, No One Will Ever Know...

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