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Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Sean Storm, and in 1999 I started my career in the XXX industry playing adorable, boy-next-door characters in movies like MAN ACADEMY, THE HOMECOMING, RASCALS GRADUATION and the waterboy in TIGHT ENDS & WIDE RECEIVERS. As I got older, I wanted to shed that image and be more the bad boy or porn, so I risked a lot and became one of the first mainstream performers to venture into doing bareback porn. It created a backlash, but I saw the future, and condom porn wasn't it. And more recently I have been exploring kinks and fetishes in my private life, with some of those getting played out in my most recent movie, RIDING OUT THE STORM where I had my first watersports scene. I've tried to push the envelope by showing that its okay to have fetish and kink to turn you on, that you should never feel shame for what gets you off (unless it crosses a legal line). I decided to create my JFF page on the request of a fan. Once I started realizing I could post my library of content that I have been accumulating since 2015, but I could also do it knowing that I had more freedom to get my kink and fetish on, and explore new ones in the process. It also allowed me to create brand new content with porn friends of mine in the area, where we get to produce and post and own the material. Thats a nice switch from being at the mercy of someone else calling the shots . These performer-created pages for the fans, in my opinion, is a bit of a game changer. I no longer have to wait for a studio to call me to tell me if I got a gig or not. I can just go create my own gigs. Kink and fetish exploration aside, I'm still very much interested in hot, bareback sex, oral, rimming, gang bangs. With my page, I merge traditional sex scenes with riskier kinkier material, and I also from time to time just show some edited footage of a trip I have taken (such as Gay Pride in San Francico, or my recent trip to Rehoboth Beach).

What can people expect on your page?

Members are going to find a wide range of content, from vanilla fucking to raunchier fare - which I designate with a PIG ADVISORY WARNING. It's a risky move because one controversial scene could lead to a subscriber to cancel his membership if its a fetish he doesnt like or is into. But at the same time, I have to remain true to myself and to my fans who are into watersports, feet, spanking, and a host of other kinks to provide these fans what they want to see as well. Hopefully in the end, I can succeed in making most people happy. And I am always open to suggestions on what members would like to see more of.

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