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    April 17, 2020, 11:21 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    SkinDawg Studios – Snatched 

    Full Feature-Length Movie (124 minutes)

    Be careful what you wish for, especially when you long to be abducted by a group of nasty skinhead fuckers to be used for their own enjoyment. To make films of your ordeal, keep you captive for the rest of your life. If that’s what you really, really want then we invite you to let us know –because sooner or later we’ll come for you too. 

    We know who you are, we know where you live, we know what you need. 

    You asked for it –you’re going to get Snatched! 

    Be prepared. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


    Scene 1 – the Boss Abducted by Skin Dawg, shivering in fear, stripped and terrorised then taken to their lair, this young pup boy is introduced to the Boss in preparation for a life in absolute service to the pack, and a dirty little sex party to welcome them. 

    Scene 2 – Piggy Piss Party An all night sweaty, wet, raw fuck-fest with the newly snatched pups begins at SkinDawg’s house. Collared and hooded their flesh is offered to all our guests, including some stinking wild pigs, sadistic daddies and even our friend the corrupt Manchester cop. 

    Scene 3 – Skinhead Fuck Machine When there’s no booted skinheads around to keep the pup’s holes wet and used, they are connected to our bank of automated fuck machines for several hours a day. Lubed up with their own cum and fed with our own brand of tinned dog food, the pups get their holed stretched and trained to keep them in the best condition, guarded by a team of nasty skinheads who watch for their own enjoyment.

    Scene 4 – Cage of Depraved Torment Skin Dawg keeps it’s pups under lock and key around the clock, and caged during the night unless they are being used and servicing cock, licking boots or drinking piss. Guests to the factory get to inspect the pups on arrival, pick their favourite and tease them out through the bars of the cage. Pups are on full display and available to order online. 

    Scene 5 – Sling Fit for a Skin Occasionally the boss takes a lucky pup for himself into his own private playroom, throws them in the sling and breeds their arse all night. Very few pups get selected, the boss does have his favourites and he’s a busy man, but don’t push his patience or you’ll end up back in the cage ing in the muck without a moment’s notice. 

    Tags: Skinheads, Fetish, Uniforms, British, Boots, Hoods, Masks, Bondage, Kidnap, Piss, Bareback, Anal, Groups, Piss Fuck, Rubber, Leather, Police, Pigs, Pups. 

    Production company: Skin Dawg Studios
    Date of first release: 31/01/2018
    Released on JustFor.Fans 18/04/2020

    Country of production: United Kingdom

    1h 24m 15s
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Skinhead XXX Film Production Collective - Nasty, Filthy, Booted-Beasts. We make perverted films for depraved souls & twisted minds. Based in Britain.We are an artistically-minded gay film collective, some have described us as a hardcore British gang of pure Nasty, Filthy, Skinhead Beasts.... Booted and hell-bent on inflicting depraved and perverted acts on their captured stable of pigs, pups and subs. The context of our films revolves around a gang of urban skinheads hell bent on preparing and surviving in a lawless, cybernetic dystopian future, interlaced by virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence. We appeal in real life to the viewer-to-participant focus, taking fan fantasies and transforming them into a perverted surrealist reality. At the beginning we just wanted to make movies for our own enjoyment and to share them with others with similar interests. We were disappointed with the current our main aim is to create quality content on a strict budget - with an aim to commercialise the brand in the near future once our content is available and our growing fan-base has become larger

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.Our current film catalog has been produced entirely by an unpaid team of friends and allies in our own free time over the past year and a half, despite this we have aimed to maintain high production values, technical standards and a strong brand identity. We bring with us to SkinDawg a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from having worked within the adult (and wider) entertainment and media industries. We are also dedicated to sharing our skills and expertise across the team, and encourage fans and viewers to engage with us themselves. Established preconceptions and social norms are something we wish to challenge in a progressive way . This society is so far behind in terms of our attitudes towards sex, and the result is damaging moral boundaries and a growing trend of censorship, oppression and unnecessary legislation. and status quo.

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