• Seth Munich @SethMunich

    December 4, 2019, 8:33 am (Subscribers) | Report


    I love a good squatter. When a guy squats down naked -his ass cheeks spreading, the muscles of the legs tightening, the balls just brushing the ground. I think a guy looks so hot like that… but this video features a different kind of squatter. This young guy has friends who are attending the university, but he’s just trying to make ends meet so he’s been squatting at his friends house and sleeeping on the couch. He’s been taking odd jobs like yard work. That’s where I saw him. I was driving to the university and saw him mowing a lawn. He had his shirt off and I immediately noticed he had a nice upper body. I watched him from my car for a few minutes till he finished and as he was putting away the mower I went up to him and said, something stupid like, “It sure is hot.” Not once of my finer introductions. But it was a good thing because he didn’t speak English too well. We made small talk the best we could. But the more important thing was the eyes. I kept checking out his naked torso and I could see that he was glancing at my crotch clearly wondering what I was working with. So I allowed myself to get hard so he could see the bulge in my khakis grow. I offered to drive him back to where he was staying. His housemates were all in class so the house was empty but he was worried his straight buddies might come back at any moment. So we got quickly got naked and I fucked him on his bed/couch and dropped a hot load in him and went on my way.

    This was an unplanned video and I didn’t have my good camera with me so the video quality isn’t as sharp as I like. But you can still see all the action.

    This vid is BARE.

    Movie Length: 00:09:26
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