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    April 20, 2019, 4:42 pm (Public) | Report

    7. What you THINK dating me will be like when you are...SUBMISSIVE

    Based on some of the responses and expectations that I, and quite a few of my colleagues, have gotten over the years. Fellow Dommes, my heart goes out to you!

    It is a beautiful Sunday morning on a warm summer day. You wake up because you are getting a bit thirsty, and you realise that the blanket is gone, you are tied up to my four poster bed, spread eagle, and you  must have been blindfolded and gagged. With what appears to be the Agent Provocateur panties I was wearing last night. You cannot be sure, but you think you can make out the embroidery pattern with your tongue. You smile to yourself -- your life is actually going great right now, you have just got your promotion this Friday, and we have been celebrating over the weekend...And then you hear the sound of sky high platform patent leather heels, approaching you from afar...

    I enter stage left, wearing a a skin-tight, shiny black latex catsuit, a corset, my latex Catwoman mask and, of course, those sky-high patent leather ankle boots, carrying that Swarowski crystals studded AP whip. For some strange reason, my delightful derriere is twice the size it is now, and my breasts are of the size that would definitely obscure any plate on a dining table completely out of the view.

    -- Wake up, you filthy lowly maggot! -- I say, loudly, upon entering the room. -- You lazy cock-womble! Feeling thirsty, are you? Well your Mistress has got something for you to drink! And don’t you dare to spill even one drop, or your ass will be sorry, you pathetic faggot! You disgust me...

    -- Mmmmm mmm mm mmmm mmm! -- you mumble through my panties, as your dick gets rock hard.

    -- Shut up, stinky skin tag! Ohh, look, your tiny excuse of a cock is dripping pre-cum already! Hahahaha! You are just a poor excuse for a man, aren’t you! I should lock you up in chastity forever and only let you watch me fucking strong, young studs! And if you are a good boy, let you suck their cocks after they’ve cum! -- I slap your cock with my whip, you moan and squeal first, but then start wiggling and rubbing up against my whip with your rock hard member begging for any attention at all...

    -- Awwwww, how ridiculous, hahaha! My girlfriends would have really laughed at you right now! Look at you trying to rub up against my whip! Let’s see how you are going to rub up against this then!!! -- I say, as you hear my crotch zipper being unzipped. [I have no idea how you can hear the zipper difference, but I am willing to roll with that thought!] I get onto the bed, and plant my butt on your gagged, blindfolded face! -- There, rub up against this, worm! If I thought you deserved it I’d have given you something to drink right now... But you are much too pathetic for it, and...


    Aaaaaaaand...........you came! That’s it, the fantasy is over, because you have just cum all over yourself, alone, in your own bed, on this beautiful Sunday morning on a warm summer day. And you pretty much do this every time you try to imagine having a relationship with a Dominatrix! This literally is the furthest you have ever gotten in your quest.

    You started well, and with the best of intentions, thinking how lovely it would be to find someone you connect with, and from whom you won’t have to hide your sexual preferences. But somewhere half way down that noble path you have casually broken into a wank, and it all went downhill from there. [And now you owe me yet more wanker tax!]

    This is the level of objectification most even remotely kinky men with a pulse show towards us. Secretly, of course! The scenarios may differ, but the result is inevitably the same. It is almost impossible to disengage the look and the hopes and expectations from the embodiment of the idea they are attached to. We so rarely appear in any other dimension that even trying to imagine calling a Dominatrix by her first name at a dinner might feel like a sacrilege.

    What I am saying may seem like scorn, but it isn’t -- most of us spend a lot of money and effort to appear as unapproachable divine beings who glow in the dark and walk on clouds, and we make good money out of that image. Cultivating a persona and then living in it like a hermit crab in a shell is often much easier, and, indeed, a preferred option. It protects us, from the prying eye and the predators.  But that perception is as realistic as the messages from those “I have never actually seen a Dominatrix in real life but I am a definite no-limits slave and I will do anything for you; but no, no I won’t take my socks off, I am shy” people. 

    The reality, however, is a far harsher Mistress than I could ever aspire to be...

    And you read it all, laughed about it, thought about it. And in the end, decided to jerk off again, this time slower...

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  • Mistress K8 Morgan @SchrodingersK8

    April 7, 2019, 3:58 pm (Hidden) | Report

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