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  • Ryan Cummings XXX @RyanCummingsRAW

    June 15, 2019, 11:07 pm (Public) | Report

    Ryan’s Cum Dump Tour - Trailer is free for everyone

    What is a Ryan Cummings Sex Trip like? As an iconic Cum Dump, this is my porno masterpiece, with my biggest Cum Dump Tour ever across the USA is chronicled. Mid way through my 1114 load month of Jan 2016 we start filming my trip as I am taking loads at a leather event in Washington D.C. My trip continued to Atlanta, Pensacola Florida, Palm Springs, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco. I was considering starting my own web site, so I filmed 5 scenes including 2 gangbangs and 3 scenes hot 1on1 scenes. I wanted to push the boundaries of nasty cum dump porn beyond what I have done for studios. This was filmed to make you feel like you are right there as I am gangbanged or while hunting for loads. This is real sex without directing interruptions (just 2 camera men to capture the carnage). 90% of the breedings are internal cum shots, as pulling out is for porn and not how most guys fuck me. Is this porn or a documentary of the seedy side of bareback sex of being a cum dump bottom and tops that desire a sloppy hole and are driven by the need to have the dominant seed? I took so many loads in cities that we did not film in, so I am interviewed along the way, updating you with factual updates about some of my wild times off camera. Filming porn, live sex shows, cum drenching gangbangs, sex clubs, attending bareback events like Cum Union, hunting for loads at nude resorts, delivering my ass blindfolded without seeing who fucked me, and taking 20 loads at a glory hole venue. This is what it is like be Ryan Cummings. I can proudly say that this is the sluttiest bareback project that you will find. So much so that close friends and an Ex begged me to never release it as “I have a slutty enough reputation as it is”.

    Movie Length: 00:06:29
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  • Ryan Cummings XXX @RyanCummingsRAW

    January 10, 2019, 5:58 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Behind Ryan Cummings – No Load Refused.

    I am often asked by fans about my letting unattractive guy fuck me. Some want to know why I do it. Do I enjoy all types of men? How can other bottoms overcome their obstacles to being a total cum dump? Behind Ryan Cummings are videos in which I answer the common questions that fans have been asking for years. They are only for my JFF fans. Get to know the man behind the Cum Dump. You can ask me questions on JFF chat or DM me on Twitter.

    Movie Length: 00:25:03

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