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    January 19, 2019, 1:33 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    I have posted separate listings for the different designs of my Poppers Top Necklaces. The JFF store only allows a very brief description which is why I'm posting this full description and instructions.

    Are you a poppers pig? Now with your poppers constantly in reach around your neck you will always be able to soar. Gone are the days of stopping to find the bottle lost in the bed, or the poppers out of reach on a night stand, or having to carry them in your hand when at venues.

    Fits small 10ml bottles and the common large 30ml bottles that have the small cap size. Your order includes 30” of leather necklace that you tie to your desired length and cut off the ends. The threads are cast into the pendant for long life. If the seal wears out, you just change it with one from a new bottle. THEY DO NOT COME WITH POPPERS. I have yet to find a supplier for empty bottles or seals. Just use a seal from your existing poppers bottle. These are handmade by Ryan with lead free USA pewter that exceeds ASTM F2923–11 standard for toxic metals.

    Once you place your order, take a screen shot of your order and email it to me PoppersNecklaces@hotmail.com along with your address and which top style you want. The price includes Shipping to Canada and the USA. If you are outside of Canada or US, you must email me for a shipping quote and I will set up a separate shipping purchase sale for you.

    In 2013 I bought a poppers necklace at a leather store and then they sold out. It has been a highly prised possession of mine. I lost it in 2016 and a few months later a fan sent me one. I will say those few months were drastically different with not having poppers always at my neck and especially having to carry a bottle when at sex venues. For years fans have asked where they can buy one, but I had no answer. For too long I considered how to supply my own line. I considered China Mfg, but there is a risk of toxins in the metal. So I have spent 6 weeks learning how to cast pewter and make molds. I also had to experiment with different pewter supplies as some are too brittle so I am using a pewter that has some silver in it to soften the metal for durability. These are hand made by me at home in Canada.

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