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    August 18, 2018, 2:32 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Fan Questions "What do you do with all the cum that gets bred in your ass?”

    I keep it all in me as long as possible. 1st off, it seems that the more loads I take, the more horny that I get. After all the action of taking loads, anal orgasms and my cock cumming dozens of times to over 50 times, I am super wound up. I almost always need jerk off with my favorite dildo vibrator in my cummy ass while watching cum dump porn. There is no better lube then cum and churning it up turns me on. If I am super horny, I might cum up to 4 times from penile orgasms. Then I want to sleep with my body absorbing all that DNA becoming part of me. Sometimes it dries up inside of me. Other times I am still very wet and cummy the next day or two as my deep douching tends to keep me clean for a few days. On sex trips, with a light bottoming diet and hours of deep cleaning to start, I can take loads for 2 - 4 days without getting needing to douche clean. Many of times I have taken hundreds of loads in a weekend. I start each day still full of the previous night’s cum lubing the 1st cock. Last January MAL 2018, I deep cleaned on Thursday and stayed clean until Mon. I took hundreds of loads in 4 nights. 212 loads was just in 24 hours on Saturday (I will have a video of some of those tops coming out). Remarkably it was another sex trip with clean STI tests when I got home.

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