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    November 11, 2018, 5:43 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Sorry I've been so busy lately. I had visitors the entire week, but now I am finally free to look over what I have been left with, in terms of footage. This one is pretty easy to post since it doesn't need much editing. What I can tell you about this file is that I was not done with Jonah during this segment, so I wouldn't milk him all the way, because I had more I wanted to do with him. So he had some blue balls. I like that... From the previous post which is also of Jonah, I remember how he sort of closed down immediately following being forced to orgasm. That's called a "refractory period" and I didn't want him to lose his horniness at this point. My sessions can be pretty exhausting, since I usually make the guy go through some things before I give him a release. So, that's what was happening here. I have a hand held camera on Jonah as well, so I will have to load that footage onto my desktop and show it to you. I always enjoy seeing the handheld version a lot, it feels more intimate. But this view from he stationary camera is nice too, since it is just Jonah, no wobbling. He is really something else, this guy. His hotness is hard to match. Strictly in terms of overall looks, to me, he is hard to compete with. Plus, this is a really honest side of him, he's a kinky guy.

    Movie Length: 00:06:02
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