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  • RopeTrainKeep @RopeTrainKeep

    November 20, 2018, 12:01 am (Subscribers) | Report

    It's kind of neat how, every day since Om-Nom left my home, I have thought of him. Time truly has made me feel more fondly towards him. So this is the same moments I have shown earlier, except shot from my phone, vertically. I kind of like this the best of all so far. I have not looked at the footage from the GoPro, so that may win out in the end. I can't believe I haven't even looked at it yet!! YET!! Bottom line, this is awesome, and I love slave Om-Nom. He really is growing in my heart. Which means he is going to pay dearly!!😈😈😈❤️

    Movie Length: 00:07:50
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