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  • Welcome to Rickymakesporn! When you sub to my channel you get full access to EVERY porn video I have made. Some are short spontaneous clips, while others are half-an-hour epics featuring compelling narratives and role-play. This trailer is a sample of the wide array of ever-improving content featured on my channel.

    My content themes include: Chastity, Fetish, BDSM, Leather, Dildos/Toys, Hypnosis and Mind Control, Ravishment Fantasy, Fuck Machines, Anal, Deepthroating, Verbal, Name-calling, Domination, Submission, Role-play, Piss Play, Pup Play, Foot Fetish, and More

    I (Rickymakesporn, Toyfucked87) am a graphics designer, amateur porn filmmaker, musician, and theatre actor/singer. I love video games and pad thai and I'm very active in my local LGBTQ+ Pride organization. I live in a small town with very little economic opportunity, so this channel is one of the many strategies I employ to stay financially afloat. Every dollar counts and I very much appreciate your support! If you want to go absolutely crazy and make my day, feel free to "Tip" me via JFF, or check out my Amazon wishlist:

    And yes, I do Custom Videos! Send me a message.

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