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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am : Ray Dalton the ethical porn star, 51, Daddy, slut, born and raised in Dalton Ohio. I’m highly sexual and I’ve been doing Porn since 2008. I call myself the ethical porn star because I believe in bringing integrity and ethics to the adult industry. I insist on enjoying everything I do including each and every shoot. JFF gives us the individual talent the opportunity to have mostly full control of my content. For years porn companies ruled the roost and now it’s been handed down to the individuals. Actually we both need each other equally now.

What can people expect on your page?

My content is raw, real, amateur, intimate, connected, loving, slutty, sometimes rough but always respectful. I am currently shooting content 2-3x per week and also pulling from content(largely exhibitionistic) that I have gathered of myself for the last five years. People who join my page will see the scenes where they can identify and relate as things they can do themselves but most importantly REAL SEX, not amped up like porn. Real guys engaged in each other. Also, watch how I fuck for tips on how to be a great AND respectful top that give bottoms the time of their life.

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