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    June 23, 2019, 11:47 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    "Rape Me While I Sleep"

    Waw, that's a heavy title, but it's not so hard like it sounds.
    We are actually about to have a scene for a studio the following day and can't really fuck. (technically)
    So, all we do is sleep and mess up a bit... or a lot.
    He was sleeping and I came back from the gym.
    I see he is naked in bed and I get a hard on, and I question myself:
    "Am I able to fuck a guy while he's sleeping?"
    I could say: Yes and No.
    No, if I know for sure he wouldn't like to get fucked in his sleep or if he wake up and say: stop!
    Yes, if I know he would like to get fucked while sleeping or if he's pretending he is sleeping just to get my dick up his ass.
    In this video none of them apply, 'cos he woke up while I was about to fuck him.
    So we just mess up, a hot mess !

    Movie Length: 00:10:06
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