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  • Who wants to see this scene I did with Jace Eros?? Alpha took his puppy out for a day in Denver- stopping for a quick bone. Filming credit: @ScratchHunter

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Awruff! My name is Pup Dynamo, and I am a Colorado native and current resident. A professional photographer of many years, I finally decided to take the leap from young entrepreneurship to amateur porn model! I find myself quite the exhibitionist at heart, so I suppose it was only a matter of time anyways :) I am 24 years old, a proud dog dad to a beautiful pit, and view life as a daily recurring chance to make a difference. If that difference includes getting dudes off, then who am I to judge? Honestly I'd love to make some hot connections through my subscribers, and produce content With and for you, too. I want to make sure everyone can get off with something I produce!

What can people expect on your page?

I am a kinky little fucker ? and I take pride in how I keep my sex life versatile. This means I'm totally cool jacking off into my fleshlight one day, but tomorrow I wanna get bred til my legs give out. I am mostly a top, which some people find hot from a 5'2", 8"c dude to be honest, but in the moment who knows what can happen! Blowjobs, orgies, fisting (top), bondage and impact play, mild to wild and expanding every day! I am a proud user of PrEP, and have been an advocate for properly informed informed sexual health and awareness with PrEP for 2 years now. That being said all content on my page will be bareback as responsible sex is my kink!

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