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  • I am merging my content into a single JustForFans page with my bf, Ryan Carter. The new JFF page is @RCandDigger. This change will give a better fans experience because we are combining ALL our sexual adventures onto a single page - so you only pay for access to that page.

    As a subscriber to @RCandDigger, you will get 4x the content on a single page:
    1) My "solo" adventures - basically me (Digger) fucking other men
    2) Ryan's "solo" adventures - him fucking other men
    3) Ryan & Digger fucking together as a couple
    4) Ryan & Digger fucking in groups, gang bangs and pump-n-dumps

    If you subscribe to my page here and you would like 2 free weeks on our new page, please DM me for the Promo Code. We want the transition to be as easy for you as possible.
    Digger (and Ryan)
    aka "Tatted Muscle Daddy Couple"

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I’ve loved nasty raw uninhibited sex for as long as I can remember. Finally found a platform for me to share my videos, pics and stories.

What can people expect on your page?

Always bareback, sometimes with my BF ryancarterrcc, sometimes with other porn actors or friends. My favorites are the random public bathroom or late night on the street hookups. Totally anaonymous and nasty piggy sex

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