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Tell Us About Yourself:

As far as I can remember I´ve always been an ass-lover: at 3 I was already attracted to men bums! Over the years I noticed when I was in a sauna that guys like to watch me fucking and told it to me and as a result over time I decided to show off in the sex industry (#ericvideos). But I preferred to film my real own sexlife spontaneously: that´s how I landed here 1,5 year ago... This way of expressing myself though videos and little texts to give the context of my video and my feeling is surprisingly totally my way of communication and I love to entertain/excite men all over the world thanks to my intimacy and creativity. It´s flattering, empowering and basically allows me to improve my fuck-skills because I pay also more attention to control my moves by fucking! I´m more focused in a way and less egoistic probably! I do my best to improve and listen to comments: keep tuned, the best is coming!

What can people expect on your page?

I get some addictions: - close-up on gaping holes - (fuck)farts and natural ass noises - blowing air inside the holes to make them noisy - clean enema - doggy position + monkey position + fucking standing - daytime/daylight fuck - Young and old guys, interracial (LOVE BODIES CONTRASTS !) - I´ve been loving cum since I´m on PrEP also! - OUTDOOR SEX BUT I LIVE IN NORTH EUROPE SO IT´S TOO COLD TO DO IT AS OFTEN AS I WISH!) But improving that...

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