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French CRUISER with a big 🍌 and a big dark bush 99% top, 1% bottom,... Read More

French CRUISER with a big 🍌 and a big dark bush 99% top, 1% bottom, 100% PreP BB XL cock (21cm Length / 5,7cm diameter)

What you get once you are a fan:
* full videos directly accessible on my page: many real cruising compilations (over 1 hour each video with tons of partners in Berlin, Madrid, London...), gloryholes, saunas...
* I answer all your messages
* I send extra exclusive videos to guys who are in my "renew ON" list
* I answer to your comments under my posts because I love feedbacks
* I love receiving new fantasies ideas from fans because it makes me develop my sexuality

Paul and his bushy beast


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