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    June 7, 2019, 12:11 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Lift and Carry Burping Torment

    Starring Miss Gia Love Sherry Stunns Sammi Ross

    Sherry and I are absolutely ruthless we team up to torment my roommate Sammi. At either ends of her Sherry and I each grab an arm pick her up and begin burping in her face. It's quite clear that Sammi isn't having any fun she doesn't like being burped on especially when the burps are extremely stinky. Sherry and I are enjoying ourselves way too much Sherry takes small sips of her Coke to enhance her burps but I'm naturally talented and have both arms free to extend the torture.

    I put Sammy in a full nelson giving Sherry the best opportunity to unleash several big stinky burps in her face. We switch up Sherry puts down her drink and it's my turn to unleash my belching Fury on Sammy. At this point she's quite determined to get away but she forgets just how strong Sherry and I are. I'm forced to then pick her up over my shoulder and put her face right next to Sherry so Sherry can unleash another round of burps in her face. Back and forth we alternate between lifting and burping and tormenting my poor roommate that'll teach her to teach to call us gross. 

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