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    February 11, 2019, 6:37 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Your stepmom cures your addiction to wanking 

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    Includes - taboo - stepmom fetish - mommas boy - masturbation pov - older woman younger man - interracial - role play - fetish 

    You're still staying at home but your body is growing faster than ever. Old enough to be living on your own, but too broke to get a place. You've found yourself starting to get urges that you can't explain or control. The only thing that seems to help is when you tug at your willie until it spurts out that horrid creamy fluid. You know it's wrong because they taught you not to touch yourself at Sunday school. But you just can't help yourself.

    In fact, you are tugging furiously away in your room one day when your stepmom comes bursting in. You must have been so busy jerking that you didn't hear her calling you to come downstairs for your afternoon cookies.

    Shock and embarrassment for both of you but she spins round when she spots you've been watching porno on your telly. She hates that you have become 'that guy' and orders you to turn off the telly and get 'that thing' to go down! 

    Unfortunately your cock has other ideas and it stares her angrily back in the face, much to her horror!

    'Your pa's going to be home soon...' 

    She seems upset that he's going to miss his cookies because of your stupid selfishness. You're trying your hardest but it just won't go down... She suggests something that seems strange at first but you guess if she's suggesting it then it's just part of what stepmoms do to help out...

    After all, as she says, you're yanking it all wrong.

    She tries to give you a handjob but it fails dismally. Your cock is too big for her! And it makes her wrists hurt!

    So she thinks up another idea...

    Maybe if she sucks it like she's heard works on the pornos then it might do the trick. That way she catches all the horrid gloop in her mouth and tidies it all away by swallowing it! And all before the second batch of cookies is ready!

    Slurp slurp slurp! 

    Her head bobs up and down as she gives you the most amazing silky-tongue blowjob! Your mind is exploding. But sadly your cock isn't. Not soon enough for fussy stepmom! And besides all that ramming her head down is hurting her jaw!


    She knows what will work! Foolproof! Works a treat on the old man and sends him straight to sleep. 

    But she makes you promise that you'll tell her just as you're about to cum so you don't make a mess inside her. Sure, you say...

    So she lies you on the floor and sits on top of you like she saw in your porno on the telly. She seems to be struggling to take it all in! 'It's so big!' she exclaims, eyes wide open. Feeling her stretch round your cock only makes you more excited than you ever thought possible with all those times of jerking. So warm and wet and silky, you feel your cock slurping in and out as she rides you. 

    It's too much!

    It's too exciting!

    It's milking you dry!

    And you can't help yourself! You feel yourself throbbing uncontrollably and before she knows what's happened you cum messily deep inside her tight slit!

    (*And all before the old man comes back home from work*)

    Movie Length: 00:21:34
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