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    December 13, 2019, 11:35 am (Subscribers) | Report


    Ok so you all wanted to know how the story ended so here goes...

    So the guy went out to check who it was and when he came back he told me it was just his flatmate and their friends. I was still a bit like... should I hide? haha! But he seemed totally chilled about it. So much so he told me that he had said what (and who) he was doing. I then heard them saying something from the other side of the door, and the guy disappeared again, leaving me sat there with an open cummy hole in just a thong, on his couch.

    Then I see the door open, and three other guys looking through, all speaking Arabic, (which I don't speak - yet), and disappearing again.
    The guy comes back and says 'oh they just wanted to see what you look like. They think you are hot'.

    I was like, well - thanks!

    Then out of nowhere he says, 'they would all fuck you if you want'.

    I was a bit taken aback. This stuff doesn't just happen in real life! So a little bit stunned I respond with - 'sure, ok'...

    Still not quite believing it, as he shouts them through in Arabic.

    All three come in, and say hi in broken, (but sexy), English. It's a little awkward, as no one really knows what to do, but the first guy orders me back onto the bed on the floor and just kind of ... puts me in position, while speaking to the others.

    All three are pretty good looking, but one in particular was super sexy. That one comes to the front of the bed and sits down in front of me. He seems really sweet and he looks at me and asks if I'm ok. I nod and smile, still slightly stunned at what's happening, and he begins to kiss me. One of the others pulls my thong to one side and starts to eat my hole, before I feel a pretty hefty cock slide into my now loose p*ssy. The first guy is sat on the sofa jerking his cock and drinking vodka from what I can tell.

    The guy in front of me is now really hard, and he gets his cock out for me to suck, and honestly it's a fucking beautiful dick.

    He was cut, large and seriously thick. I go to town on that shaft while the other two are going to town on my ass.

    I hear one of the guys grunt as he cums inside me, followed very quickly by the next guy. They slap my ass and get up to leave. The third guy in front of me, now goes to my ass and that beautiful cock pushes into my cunt, the first thing I have really felt since the two dildos and the dick were triple penetrating me.

    This guy takes a little longer, seeming to savour the feeling of being inside me with all that fresh cum, which I can feel coating my hole. The fourth load is shot inside me and this final guy kisses me passionately for a minute or so while his cock twitches inside me. Then he gets up and leaves too.

    The first guy has been jerking this whole time, and now it was time for him to add the final load of the evening. He fucks me hard, moaning how good my pussy feels until the fifth and final load paints my insides.

    I never saw them again. Damn.

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