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???‍♂️??| A fucking professional | Super Saiyan & Sailor Senshi... Read More

???‍♂️??| A fucking professional | Super Saiyan & Sailor Senshi | ✉️ [email protected] |?️‍???|

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February 2, 2021, 10:28 pm
  • Report
Did I ever tell you about the time with my ex boyfriend in the gym showers?

We were in our early 20s and going to the same gym in the Brisbane CBD. We were already about a year into our D/s dynamic which included a rule about sexual exclusivity.

I had to be exclusive to him (except with his permission) but he was allowed to fuck other guys, as long as he wore a condom.

This one night at the gym we’re lifting weights and he’s really distracted. He keeps checking out a really cute twinky guy and I can see in his pants that he’s hot for him.

I pretend not to notice but I know exactly what’s about to happen as soon as the guy heads to the change rooms.

Dom excuses himself. “He needs to use the bathroom” and he leaves. I do another set. The gym was pretty empty but there were a few people there. It was 10pm or so.

The song that was playing on the audio system stops and from the gym floor and for that brief moment of silence you could hear Don’s grunts and the slap of his pelvis hitting ass cheeks.

A new song starts to play but just in case I wasn’t the only person to notice I headed into the change rooms to let Dom know he’s being loud. I walk in, the sex noises growing louder and louder, and I see the two pairs of feet under one of the shower stall doors.

I announced myself and Dom opened the stall door, still balls deep in the twink. Midway through explaining the noise issue I glanced down and saw he was barebacking.

I immediately got angry but before I can protest he used his command word and silenced me. He instructed me to go and be look out for security while he finished up. I obeyed.

6 minutes later I heard Dom’s cum grunts and then the stall’s shower turn on.

When he and the twink emerged from the shower, still semi-erect and dick swinging arrogantly through the change rooms, he threw me something. I caught it reflexively and realised it was a tied up condom filled with his cum.
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