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    May 17, 2018, 4:39 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Ruined Milking
    (6 Minutes HD Video)
    #RuinedOrgasm #Venus2000 #RuinedOrgasms #MilkingMachine

    I decide to treat My slave to My new toy today, a Venus 2000 milking machine!

    After getting him good and lubed up, I slip his cock into the reciever which soon forces him to become hard for Me. I giggle and slap his balls telling him I want them emptied for Me, teasing him over how My milking machine is going to force the spunk out of him!

    Of course I am not about to let My slave get away with so much pleasure, so I decide his first Venus experience should be ruined, and right as he asks My permission to cum I take the machine off him and laugh as his cum dribbles out, ruining his orgasm and leaving him good and frustrated...

    Despite having had his orgasm ruined, My slave is now good and sensitive so I decide to test just how much he likes My new toy by putting it back on him at full speed, telling him he deserves a little post-cum-torture for all the pleasure he has had...

    I laugh as he squirms around, his poor sensitive cock obviously not enjoying the milking quite as much now he has already cum, and I slowly count backwards from 10 before finally turning My Venus off and allowing him some respite!

    6m 36s
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