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    July 1, 2020, 11:44 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Kaden Gets Gangbanged - Part 3

    Here it is! Its here! The 45 minute finale of my gang-bang! Watch me get fucked like crazy, get choked, smack some bitches around, take multiple loads, and make sure you stick around for the conclusion to see a nice surprise ending ;-)

    Unfortunately, there are some really good camera angles that are missing. Since Tyler wasn't there, I only had my phone, and I trusted these guys to send me all of their footage... Well, they didn't. I REALLY want to buy a 2nd phone/camera, so I'm saving up for that now, that way I can make sure to have at LEAST 2or 3 camera angles for you guys at all times. And not have to worry about getting the footage from the other guys. (Its ALWAYS been a hassle with these big files!)

    If you like watching me be a cumdump slut whore, and you want us to keep making hot content for you guys, a tip would be greatly appreciated! Promise it will go straight into getting a new camera to record with, JUST for content! Even if you can't afford much, every bit helps us reach our goal! <3

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