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    July 31, 2020, 9:11 am (Subscribers) | Report

    The very sexy @GriffinBarrowsX returned for a second round in the chair. Yum! #guy75

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am London Twink* Milker, that gives you an idea of where I am and what I like to do. I like to think of myself as a kind of dick whisperer, I like dicks and dicks like me =D I created this page because people seemed to like my edging videos on Twitter and this allows me to show you guys the kind of long, slow, edging videos that get me off. *non-twinks are also welcome in my edging chair

What can people expect on your page?

You'll find a whole host of guys tied to my chair, blindfolded, teased and tormented for my pleasure. Some are random hot guys who've reached out to me on Twitter, some are regulars who need to be drained and quite a few are collaborations with porn actors including: @XXXDiggory @xxxleander @xxx_anders @austinsugarXXX @massively_mode @itsmickeytaylor @maxenceangelXXX& @XXXleorex They're (almost) all longer videos (20-50minutes) and you'll find a 30 second free clip of each on my page, there's also a free cumpilation in there somewhere. You'll also find a couple of videos of me jacking myself off too, just in case you wanted to see what I'm packing.

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