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    July 8, 2020, 4:09 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    I find being domed by younger guys humiliatingly HOT! So when @kinkydom8 on twitter messaged me and told me he was a 22 year old dom, I was a bit dubious like i always am because that is rare to have the right tone of dominance at that age. however, we set a time yesterday to skype and he was going to put me through my paces as a pony boy. When the camera came on I saw a college aged guy in his room with headphones on, there were no pleasantries, he just immediately told me to put a bit gag in and started.

    Immediately he gained my trust and I went into full sub ode for you. I found his voice and demeanor methodical and confident which made me really want to please him. In the end he made me shoot a huge load without touching my dick. He blew my mind at how well it went. I wouldn't change a thing a hope to serve this talented pony trainer again. He isn't ready to show his face to the public yet so I edited that out.

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