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  • One of the many reasons I collared HUND at Dore alley this year and brought him into my poly family is because he is a true 50/50 switch and has a dom side he wants to explore more. I am one too so it only made sense that we should explore his dom side with me as his sub from time to time. Keeping in mind that when the play is over he returns to being my sub - making him more of a service boi for me. So on Sunday I gave him 5 hours to do with me whatever he pleased. I had absolutely no input as to what he did and trusted him completely.

    I presented myself caged in chastity, black jock, and high boots. He was dressed head to toe in leather and started me on my knees licking his boots. SIR Hund blindfolded me with an orange hanky which helped me forget that I was actually servicing my sub and made me focus on the task at hand. The smell was intoxicating and he lit a cigar as he watched me worship his boots. He dribbled some of his scotch down the front of his boot which was delicious to slurp up (mental note to self to add this to my list when I dom)

    Then he strung me up spread eagle and flogged my back HARD! VIDEO HERE SIR Hund laid into my back and ass with no mercy. I would shake my ass between volleys to signal I could take more so he kept going. By the end I was sobbing and gasping for air. He cut me down after the flogging and I crawled over, wrapped my arms around him and just let the emotions out - I was sobbing uncontrollably.

    He lifted my head and looked in my eyes and said “this erases your past hurtful experiences with any previous Doms.” Then he did something that touched me deeply to my core, He pulled out the leather thong that I had once tied around his neck before he was collared to me and under consideration and tied it around my neck and kissed me deeply. It was his way of signaling that he owned that part of me in return. Not a collar but a symbol of love and respectful ownership.

    He put his ash out on my back and said - “UP! It’s time to put my pony through his paces.” He then started harnessing me up like a horse. I stood there letting him put on my yoke and wrist restraints. Collar with bit gag. Tit clamps which he ran the leads from my bit through and lead me out to the yard in the hot sun.

    SIR Hund made me walk with knees high! Then trot with knees high. He would whip me if I turned the wrong way. He would turn me by pulling on a lead which would tug at my nipple and force me to turn in the direction that he wanted. I was soon exhausted and dripping in sweat, but very thankful to be trained this way with so much emotion involved.

    My cock was straining in it’s cage and all I wanted to do was please SIR Hund. He indeed was my trainer and I was an animal doing as I was lead and told. He saw me getting tired and tethered me to a tree. He used this opportunity to whip my back again. This time I didn’t break, this time I felt like an animal and took the beating. It just flowed right through me.

    When he was done flogging his horse he made me high step it back to the goat barn to the bondage rack. He tied me down again by my nipples in a standing position so that if I moved either my wrists or ankles I would tear my own nipples off. then he started paddling my ass hard! There was no warm up - he just went for the screams. And scream i did! He rotated between paddles and canes.

    When he was done and my ass was glowing hot, he cut me down and put me on all 4′s. He used my mouth to suck his huge cock before dragging me inside and throwing me in the sling. He pounded my ass for quite awhile before taking me down. My cock had remained in chastity this entire time.

    But now he removed the cage from my cock and my dick sprang to life. Not so quick though. SIR Hund quickly locked me in wrist to ball restraints so my balls were cinched back up my ass crack. My dick felt like it would rocket off my body.

    He sat down in a chair and ordered me to straddle his boot. “This is the only way you get to cum Pony,” he said. (Another one of my tricks) But I didn’t care, I was more than ready to shoot. I humped his boot furiously sliding my dick up and down the smooth leather boot till I shot huge load!

    As I licked my cum off my boot I realized how spent I was. My head was high as a kite, all my endorphins where spinning around me, and i was completely happy. Without saying a word HUND got up; motioned me to sit in the chair which I did, he made me a drink and handed me his half smoked cigar; and stripped down naked and dropped to all 4′s with his head bowed to the ground.

    “I live to serve only you SIR,” was all he said and I instantly believed him.

    This is truly the beginning of something pretty great and special.

    December 18, 2018, 10:40 am


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