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  • Clarke Kent (Top) @Kent90Clarke

    May 31, 2020, 12:38 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Some sexy new images. I’ve been listening to your fan requests online. It’s summertime so I’m baring it all 🥵🐶

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Tell Us About Yourself:

SUPER kinky, adventurous college guy who thoroughly enjoys phat asses and soft skin on guys. The outdoors and shit turn me on sexually, which is why I made a page here, because it was a good match. I don’t judge people, you like what you like. I have an affinity for skinny white dudes and bubble butt black/mixed dudes. I’m 23; 6”0 tall, European British and East African - Middle Eastern. Yes I also have a quirky accent. I tell my fans that they can request what they want to see that way... I can deliver literally things people want to see from the start. Join me!! So I have a reason to use this thick dick the lord blessed me with

What can people expect on your page?

My content is usually outdoors or in spontaneous places. I’m turned on by the adrenaline rush and the idea of getting caught or watched ... because both have happened. I upload content at least four times a week including behind the scenes pics and videos from different perspectives and angles. People should join my page because it is a community and I let people choose the scenario to my next film.

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