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Welcome to my JustForFans. Here I don’t just “do porn”. It’s a... Read More

Welcome to my JustForFans. Here I don’t just “do porn”. It’s a window into my private life. Enjoy unlimited access to an uncensored and always growing collection of videos and photos. Keep an eye out for games and DM me if you have a Q or a request 💖

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Kayden Gray
March 27, 2021, 4:14 pm
  • Report
Runtime: 13m 39s

ℹ️ "UEFU" (aka "U Equals Fucking U"; launched Feb 10 & Feb 17) is originally a 2-part adult short. Although the graphic gay sex scenes make the watch a lot more exciting for most AND push boundaries of what sex ed can be, you can't exactly sit and watch it with Mum, can you? This SFW version was created especially for those you may want to share it with who aren't comfortable watching porn.

Combining gay sex with HIV advocacy, the film focuses on the international phenomenon of #UequalsU (Undetectable equals Untransmittable) which guarantees that people living HIV who are on effective HIV treatment cannot pass the virus to their sexual partners, even when you bareback.

To watch Part 2 (CENSORED) or Part 1 & 2 (EXPLICIT 🔞) go to my LinkTree (link in bio on my Twitter & Insta: KaydenGrayXXX)

Triggered by a missing condom, the drama-filled storyline in “Dirty?” offers a glimpse into how HIV-stigma can affect our mental health, regardless of status. This episode explores the complexities of disclosure and challenges the accusatory shame-ridden vocabulary still often used when talking about HIV and other STIs.

The climax brings about a major plot twist humorously delivered by comedian and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Bianca Del Rio. In addition to being part of the film’s storyline, this segment also introduces a new upbeat prevention campaign, How To Stay Neg, which I've been collaborating on with Impulse Group, a global gay men’s organisation. The full video, showing Bianca in all her glory, is available on Impulse Group’s YouTube (available through my LinkTree).

🎗 It's crucial to note that me being on antiretroviral treatment and #undetectable was the only HIV prevention method used in UEFU (both Part 1 and 2). This allows UEFU to do more than support #UequalsU theoretically – it transforms the film into a real-life testimony to the reliability of Treatment as Prevention (or TasP), making the film the first of its kind.

Starring: Kayden Gray, Bishop Black
Featuring: Bianca Del Rio
Writer and Executive Producer: Kayden Gray
Film Direction and Production: altSHIFT
Consultant and Facilitator: Jose Ramos
© 2021 Kayden Gray & Jose Ramos

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