• NEW FEATURE: Sent PRIVATE Videos to users ($)

    Yes! Follow these directions:

    Go to the Sexting page. You don't need to enter you number, we just need you to set a default price for videos and photos. If you don't specify another price we will use these default prices.

    Look in your Media Center under the Video tab. There is a command like "vid 1233434" under each video. After you have uploaded your private video to the Media Center (and it has finished processing), just type that command in the chat window. No spaces before the command. JFF will interpret that to mean you are sending this movie to that user. The user will then be told he has a private movie and will be directed to his "Private Media" page, where he can pay for and then view the movie.

    We will use the price you set on the Sexting page if you don't enter a custom price. But, you can also issue the following command: vid 23432423 15.95

    Doing that makes this video $15.95. Do NOT enter the dollar sign or anything else. Just a number.

    You cannot send FREE movies, and the highest you can charge for movie is $50.

    Make sure the buyer knows how long the movie is. If they are disapointed and request a refund, I will look through the chat to see what they agreed to. If you have duped them, they will be refunded.

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