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  • Joris Argentina @JorisXXX1

    August 4, 2020, 6:00 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    🇺🇸(part2) @Matbosky and @BMFporno1 have been my friends for a long time. We already know each other very well

    🇦🇷(parte2) @Matbosky y @BMFporno1 son mis amigos hace tiempo. Ya nos conocemos muy bien

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hey, I'm Joris, Argentine porn actor, Latino macho who goes for everything. Nothing makes me hornyer than knowing you're enjoying whith me, every time you touch your self, every time you cum watching one of my videos it just makes me go crazy. That's why I created this account, I love to fuck and share it with you. When I'm filming with someone I can not stop thinking about the way you're jerking off when you see me. Sometimes imagine you makesme so horny that it is hard for me not to cum inmidiatly. I only upload my own material to the page, videos with friends and strangers, I love to party with my friends, and with strangers the most important thing is to know that you are watching. Some nights I wank my self thinking that you are sitting in front of your pc or with your mobile watching my videos, geting hoter, touching yourself, and I get a tremendous boner I train hard, eat a lot and fuck harder. It's those simple things that make me happy. I never say no to a new experience, and when I start I go all the way. This is how I learned to enjoy my sexsuality without ties or restrictions. So I met my boyfriend, who had nothing to do with this world, but now he accompanies me and encourages me to continue. In fact, the vast majority of the videos you see are filmed by him. So, if you see me on the street, do not hesitate to say hello, I love meeting you. If you like some video please take a second to like it. That's the way I know you're there with me, enjoying this experience together. Any tip, even the smallest, is the way I know I am making you happy, and that makes me very happy and also helps me to spend more time with you, making that video that you just wanted to see and that you will never forget . I wait for you soon so we can enjoy each other

What can people expect on your page?

On my page you will find everything. My professional videos, cover art of my movies, photos from the scenes, back satges, as well as my homemade videos and photos of my day, almost always with a boner, that happens to me a lot, lol. Even in my home videos I always make sure you can see a good quality material, with good color and lighting, people with faces, full videos and as time permits, with subtitles. I am always available for any questions or suggestions. just tell me what you want to see and immediately I start working on it

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