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  • Jared Erikson @JaredEriksonXXX

    May 27, 2020, 7:25 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Jared's Big Toy Binge: Lockdown doesn't stop Jared's hungry hole from getting what it needs. Jared breaks out some of his big toys from his massive collection and stuffs and stuffs himself. The giant toys slide easily into his cavernous ass, filling it deep, stretching it on fist size knots and arousing Jared to the point he needs to stroke out a load from his fat erection. Satisfied for the moment, Jared lets out signs of satisfaction and contemplates his next pleasure play...

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am a clean-living muscled up gym rat with a ravenous sex appetite and exhibitionist streak. I love having the privilege to share my body with my fellow males and bring them happiness, pleasure and, above all, some freedom to be themselves. I created this page because I want to show guys that should take pride in their bodies, their cocks, and know that their sex appetite is HEALTHY and NORMAL. We should be celebrating our natural, primal instincts, not suppressing them. I want give guys an opportunity to see through the falsehoods they have been fed and meet and get to know, me, a sex worker in love with what he does (and there are plenty of us like that). I am well-educated and a successful professional, but I left all that for a more fulfilling life experience, providing others pleasure with my muscles, fat cock, beefy ass, sense of humor and engaging conversation. Embrace your masculine nature, take pride in who you are and Live in Lust my brothers!!!

What can people expect on your page?

The approach to my page is to build one of friendship, fellowship and celebration with my viewers. Of course, I want to take you into the realm of my ravenous sex appetite and the many ways the male body can experience physical sexual pleasure as we indulge our primal Lust. But, I also want to let you see and learn about me as a person. In addition to many sex videos and pictures, you will also see every day non-sexual or semi-sexual activities. This can range from hiking in the woods to grooming for a porn shoot to getting ready to ride my motorcycle to health/fitness and diet stuff (yes, I am qualified on the subject). I think this is important in building a relationship with my viewers. Joining my page gives you plenty of sex, but it also pulls back the veil of misinformation about the pornstar/sex worker life, so viewers can see that the expression of our masculine sexual nature is healthy and part of a balanced existence as males, as humans. Yes, I have way more sex than the average person, but I do a lot of other things too, and it creates a healthy fulfilling life, which I hope inspires others to explore within themselves. I welcome comments and messages, as well.

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