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    August 23, 2020, 1:53 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Hey there! 

    Welcome to my frequently updated JustFor.Fans page with all my hot scenes + my very hottest  VIP CONTENTto show my appreciation for my greatest fans!


    Chat with me live at Chaturbate.com/JakeBentleyXXX


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    From the bottom of my ❤️, thank you to all my AWESOME subscribers! Jake 


    *You're welcome to all my very hottest VIP CONTENT just for being one of my INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL JUSTFOR.FANS subscribers!

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hey there I'm Jake and guys say I'm an emo dude because of my hair haha and my body type is somewhere between twink because it's smooth / lean and jock because it's fit. • • • (Maybe that's called a twock, but I'm not sure if that's caught on. Apparently the more popular definition of twock is to steal a car!)• • • Friends describe me as easy to talk with, heartfelt, sensitive and creative, bordering on bizarre LOL. • • • My fitness trainer says my jokes are so bad, he can't help but laugh (at how bad they are). • • • So I decided to create a page on JustFor.Fans to show off more hidden aspects of my body and soul that I might not always get to share in such a unique way. • • • Jake Bentley is over the age of 21 and in full compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257 laws. All content by Jake Bentley is 100% sexual fantasy adult only entertainment, works of creative artistic and erotic fiction, only depicting solo sexual acts or imaginary ones between mutually enthusiastically consenting adults over the age of 21. PROTECTED BY ADULT.LAW ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT © JAKE BENTLEY

What can people expect on your page?

• • • FREQUENTLY UPDATED EROTIC PICS and VIDS • • • HIDDEN CAM type vids of me doing normal things BUTT NAKED, PARTIALLY NUDE or in TIGHT, REVEALING NSFW SEXY clothes • • • ROLEPLAY STORY videos (in quite a unique way!) • • • Really cool GREEN SCREEN backgrounds with lots of VARIETY so you can see me running nude through a forest or standing butt naked in a doctor's office or in a boardroom...oh the potential here makes my DICK HARD • • • SEXY STORIES either based on my experience or fantasies • • • Romantic, intimate content as well including journal entries and interview type vids • • • ARTISTIC, CREATIVE VIDS and PICS as well as more REALISTIC, CASUAL style • • • And I will probably passionately think of more - I'm OBSESSED with SEXUALITY, EROTICA, EMOTION and CONVERSATION • • • WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN MY PAGE? • • • • • • My JUSTFOR.FANS page has all my hot scenes + MY VERY HOTTEST VIP CONTENT to show my appreciation for my greatest fans!• • • • • • • • • If you're SUPER turned on by seeing me BUTT NAKED, PARTIALLY NUDE or in TIGHT, REVEALING NSFW SEXY clothes • • • If you're CURIOUS, exploring your SEXUALITY, want to get to know yourself better through SEXUALITY / EMOTION / CONVERSATION, want to get to know me better as a model / artist / VERY SEXUAL HUMAN BEING • • • IF YA WANT TO!!!

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