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  • I won’t keep y’all waiting no longer, here’s me & Q 🍆💦 lemme know if y’all like and want more 👀💪🏽

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Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Jah, I’m a young hot boss, with a boyfriend .. we decided to come together and entertain the fans that paid. I’m on my path to doing more then videos, I plan on running my own business. Making something big of myself and also I want to start a underwear line.

What can people expect on your page?

The content on my page is completely different to everyone else, we do spontaneous things, fuck in places the fan request, our videos make you feel like your in the room. We’re two young hot men, with amazing bodies and huge packages if you know what I mean. We keep post coming daily if not daily we keep you updated on what’s going on. We are THE IT couple.

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