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Mickey Taylor
June 15, 2020, 11:53 am
  • Report
Someone has already accused me of stealing your money because I’ve chosen to close my account.

So let me be clear. Just for fans owner has d three models who are all friends of mine. i will not fund a rapist. MANY models are leaving this site now. I am not the only one.

As far as anyone who has paid for a few months subscription, I have NO CONTROL. This site is not as good as you guys think it is. We have no control over your subscriptions at all. We can’t issue refunds or paybacks. Only Dominic has that control.

I appreciate some people are going to be angry. But our industry is going through huge changes and I am choosing to stand with my fellow colleagues rather than the people who control this page and have created victims and tried to bribe them. I won’t let a rapist have your money or mine.

To get a full refund for what’s left on your subscription please contact Dominic. Unless you wish to transfer to another fan page I own. I can give you up to three months free depending how long is left on your subscription.

This isn’t about money. It’s about the family I’ve created in this business and what the heads of industry have done. I’m doing this at great loss financially and work wise because I’d rather do what’s right. If that makes me a bad person so be it. I have to stand by my morals.

I will do all I can to help move you over to another page or get you a subscription sorted for how long you have left. Or you can request a refund from the site. We sadly have no power over our funds in this way.

I apologise to all of you. I have to do what’s right.

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