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    October 4, 2018, 4:16 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Two massive videos in one day?It’s the most famous raw ass in London taking my raw 9”...

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Hey there. My name is Alexander, and I am a 24 y/o lawyer and activist living in London. I have a 9' dick, a bubble-butt, a PreP prescription, a PhD, and I came here to fuck. Even in 2018, we live in the shadow of the AIDs crisis. Gay men are still drip-fed the stereotype that their sex lives are something to be ashamed of. My JustfForFans page is one of jubilance, and the future. I'm here to show that Gay men can live happy, healthy lives, making consensual, filthy sexual choices and having the most amazing sex on Earth. Originally made to help me pay off my student loans, I now enjoy filming with the most amazing sexy guys in the world, living a fantasy for people who choose to live vicariously through me. I champion making ethical, hot, and amateur bareback porn. I want users to know that I am a brutal top, can take a 12" like a pro, and - at heart - I'm a good person. And sex is a way I show my kindness to others.

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Bareback, High-Quality, Versatile, and Verbal fucking. Tons of 100% real cum, real amateur guys, and real emotions. It's pure raw filth, plain and simple. With a few pornstars here and there.

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