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  • Hoss Kado @HossKado

    May 29, 2020, 11:00 pm (Subscribers) | Report


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    Another triple load of cock juice for ya here lovers ... I really never just cum once any more lmfao feels too good to keep strokin with ya ... bedside daylight and fun, dirty handheld POV wankin as I 'show you around' my body and throbbing cock, stroking out 3 cumshots onto the rock hard abs ... warm, tasty cum is hands down my favorite lube ... love ya ... enjoy!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hey fuck family, Hoss Kado here. Hoss is my real-life nickname and current gayporn name, but many know me as Jared or Jared Kent from Sean Cody/College Dudes/DreamBoyBondage/RopedStuds from what now seems like a distant past. I have more recently worked as Hoss with GuysInSweatPants and Hot House Productions. I would say I'm a nerd/geek/hippie/jock/jokester/wanderlust/dreamer mix of sorts if that helps ha ha. I have made gayporn since 2009, mostly as head director/producer/model/editor/website coder for DreamBoyBondage and RopedStuds. I have since ventured on for various reasons into more personal and live porn options with fan pages here and live shows as getting more personal with fans and fuck family lovers has always been a dream of mine and what makes me more passionate about sex in general and more than ever. With my strong bondage/bdsm background, I am not shy to kink, so don't be shy in asking . I love everything sexual from vanilla to outrageous kink. I am now in my 30's and its time to get myself out there and enjoy connecting with the people I love and get off with. I don't have strong family ties, and am very much an asexual loner and have been my entire life. Not lonely, but people just get tiring and I love being in my own mind without having to try to pay attention to rehashed nonsense from everyone I meet. Sex is a world where I can just be free, and people can learn so much about a person interacting sexually with them. I don't show too much emotion or drama in my everyday life, so sex helps bring that out, at least for me, and I hope and want you to see that in all I do with this. My fuck family is really the only family I have where I can just be me and talk about anything and everything vanilla to naughty. Considering naughty is basically my entire fucking life (no regrets!), my fuck family is everything to me, and I want to have a fun-loving, easy-going, open-minded, no judgement, CONNECTED time getting off together for as long as you'll have me. Thanks and Cheers xoxo

What can people expect on your page?

I make videos solo to duo to three-somes and more. I love to make videos of a wide variety from just jerking off to all kinds of kink with plenty of fun-loving chatter throughout the videos about life, sex, and general nonsense. I am more of a vers power bottom with men and am bisexual (men more-so later 20's onward after realizing I love cock!), but I love topping from time to time also. My videos here with men are also varied from vanilla sexual fun (oral, rimming, kissing, exploring) to bareback raw fucking to fun-loving kinks we feel like toying with. I have a mix of some bondage/bdsm within many videos as well. I would say I am a 50/50 dom/sub vibe when it comes to both bdsm/bondage and sexually in general. I tend to have fun with it and get personal with it, and I laugh quite a bit, so I hope you don't mind. It feels more personal and fun when I feel like I'm talking to you looking into the cams. I want the same personal and sexual connection many of you crave with this, so let's just be us and do that. I use a mix of simple phone cams to 4K UltraHD SONY cams to create a fun mix of camera shots and angles and from POV to full-body action. Role-play is fair game from time to time as well but most videos will be my personality showing through getting off with you. That is what I love most. Pleasing others is my biggest sexual fetish, and I hope you don't mind if I get off with you ha ha. I am into pretty much anything and everything, and like to spice things up often. I would like to think I'm as open-minded as they come and cum, so I am always open to ideas. Don't be shy. I look forward to exploring life and sex with my fuck family here forever. Think we have amazing sexual nonsense like this in the next life? I hope so xoxo

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