• BAREBACK BOTTOM ... First RAW fuck with my mate Emerson Palmer, someone I've worked with for my old directing/dom/sub websites DreamBoyBondage and RopedStuds ... we are both very similar, from North Dakota, and trying to make our way in the Twin Cities of Minnesota ... we have similar joking around, fun-loving vibes, similar measurements, and both love our kink in sex ... here we had some fun with simple bondage cuffs spread-eagle style in the guest room ... we are both very ticklish, so we had some fun with some tickle-switch action, and I took a few blows with the W.H.I.P. as well as I like a little sting with my pleasure ... tons of fun, slowly stripping eachother down, sucking cock, eating ass, tickling, pinching, biting, massaging, teasing, and pleasing ... we used my favorite, coconut oil, for our lube needs ... shiny, slippery, and warming pleasure ... Emerson knows how to fuck, and we work through several positions for you before finishing off in one of my favorites, on my back, legs spread in the air (or behind head), while fucking and jerking ... Emerson liked my ass quite a bit so blew his load before mine, but luckily he is a trooper and did what I demanded in sticking it right back in and fucking me into submission, cum, and bliss ... his load is about ten times the size of mine (and, frankly, one of the largest I've ever seen), so my ass/cock/abs/chest just get drenched as you saw in the pictures and such lmfao ... so hot, and I had to lick some up ... I save the rest to hop on top of my mate and share the creamy, tasty, juicy cum-love ... mmmm ... one of my favorite fuck scenes I've ever done hands down in my whole career so I hope you like it ... this is my type of kink ... I enjoy ALL kink and fetish and bondage and bdsm for different reasons, all related to sexual pleasure in the end ... this fun-loving, playful style with lots of smiles and laughs is what its about for me 90% of the time ... we will be fucking and everything else on the regular ... at least I think we are ... fingers crossed ... he is a very interesting person doing drag and modeling and working at a popular gay bar in the Twin Cities ... anyways, have an awesome day!! Love all of you ... don't be shy in throwing me messages ... I'm busy, but I love talking to all of you and getting to know all about your life, sexual and beyond the sexual ... thanks and cheers xoxo

    May 1, 2018, 1:49 pm

    More muscle flexing, please; lots of muscle worship (perhaps with a partner who can touch, lick, and pound your hard flexed muscles)! Thanks! Again, MUSCLE WORSHIP please!!!

    Hoss Kado
    May 1, 2018, 5:27 pm

    Hey mate for sure! Thanks for the commentary I don't get enough of that ... I actually had a playmate cancel on me the past two weeks now so I apologize for the lack of duo scenes ... I will definitely post more muscle worship with playmates!

    May 2, 2018, 3:45 pm

    By the way, what is the difference/connection between justfor.fans and onlyfans? You seem to have pages on both.

    Hoss Kado
    May 6, 2018, 9:36 am

    I post the same things to both, but justfor.fans seems to have some more useful features for the model ... I am not sure what the experience is on your end, but no need to sign up for both as I make sure to get all the same things posted ... I do have to add some images for the already-posted videos here, and I do have some other 'personal' vlogs on onlyfans that I have posted before I started this fan page, but all those will be posted here moving forward as well if you like the personal connection and lif

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