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  • H E A D U S A ? @HeadDoctor15

    May 28, 2020, 6:36 am (Subscribers) | Report

    This SUPERRRR DL dude always covers his face for our links.

    He is in the military so whenever he use to come to the city . He would hmu wayyyy in advance to set something up to make sure I was available!! This is like the 4th link, the first time ever he came to one of my gloryholes. Then after that he wanted to be more comfortable so he masked up and be waiting on my naked just to walk in and have my way.

    This time he asked if I could eat his ass. So I agreed to it as long as it was naird bald. I tried to warn him not to keep it on to long but beginners always burn themselves 🥴. An as you can see he burned his lil hole lol anyway I ate tf put them cakes and even tried my luck by fingering him but he was notttt feeling that at all lol. He got the type of ass that made me enjoy eating it.

    Of course I turned him around and ate the meat. I always use to try to get multiple nuts out of him but as you can see. After he but he is absolutely done with it . Last time he hmu after this session he asked if I had someone with me :/. I was like no why ?? He said it felt like multiple mouths were on him lol so I guess that was a compliment. But I really think that’s his way of asking if I can bring someone else with me next time. So I asked and of course he agreed , DL freaks be fun

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