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  • Green Eyed Beasty @GreenEyedBeasty

    December 19, 2019, 8:37 am (Subscribers) | Report

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am Green Eyed Beasty and I was asked by many of my Instagram followers to do a special x-rated page for them. I was unsure if I would have subscribers but it seems my doubts were put aside after asking my 8k+ followers if they would subscribe. I have done cam work before and enjoyed pleasing others and chatting to strangers. This isn't about the money but more about using my free time to make others happy. To me it is a win win situation. Most of my followers are into my feet and so I hope to bring a bit more of that to my page.

What can people expect on your page?

My page will feature a lot more x-rated content and much more variety. My followers have random fetishes and I hope to please all of them. My penis, feet and butt will feature predominantly but I will get ideas and request as it progresses. My page is affordable and I have time to chat, answer questions and upload a lot more content daily. I am not shy with nudity, open to all fetishes and am not easily shocked. Try me!

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