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I'm Fonda Dix! In name & in spirit. I'm also fond of clits, but that... Read More

I'm Fonda Dix! In name & in spirit. I'm also fond of clits, but that seemed less catchy. I'm a 30 year old cam girl & smut maker, I've been bumming around the sexual parts of the internet for 12 years & I fuckin' love that I get to call this my job. I'm a little weird (and so is some of the smut I make), but I know how to sloppy suck a dick like there's no tomorrow (the secret ingredient is you like sucking dick) & I can rustle up a mean burrito (usually not at the same time). In my "off time" love food, cheap booze, video games & horror movies

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Fonda Dix
October 29, 2020, 12:00 pm
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Runtime: 5m 38s

Your girlfriend's smokey lap

Your girlfriend Fonda has invited you to lay your head down on her lap as she lets her big boobs sit outside of her strappy top & has a little smoke break as she edits & queues clips. You get the perfect view of her perfect pink nipples & round tits as she puffs along on her cigarette and you hear quick clicks and clacks of the mouse zooming around her desktop. Who wouldn't want to rest their weary head on such a sexy lap.

#smoking #underboob #titworship #pov #GFE #fetish #bigtits

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