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    August 8, 2020, 4:43 am (Subscribers) | Report

    I met a great guy I really connected with late last year in the US when I was travelling there. The first night I hooked up with him he fisted and used my sloppy cunt. We chatted about BDSM and he invited me back the next night to introduce me to this world. I was open to anything and let myself go and be used by him and totally be under his control. This video is part 1 where he initially makes me understand my inferior and subordinate place to him and gives me some CBT and tit(my nipples were still sore from the previous night where he clamped them and weighed them down with a heavy dildo when he fisted me). Boot licking and then ropes me up with a metal hook up my cunt.. I fucking loved every minute of letting this Master Dom do what he wanted to me. It really opened my mind up to new sexual adventures which I want to explore more of. Part 2 of this session, coming soon, will be flogging and piss. Sincere apologies for the delay in this video, but I'm currently in the Borneo rainforest with really shitty internet for uploading videos, so please bare with me. Thanks for your continued support. If you enjoy this vid, please give me a like. I'm trying for more variety than just fisting. Cheers - Fistmate X.

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