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    January 23, 2020, 10:03 am (Subscribers) | Report

    This video is of me giving the cable guy a 20 minute blowjob. He's one of my best customers since he usually stops by to use me as his faggot whore almost every day. He seems to be non-stop horny 24 hours a day since I'm just one of four people that he's currently having sex with. He goes to see his mistress each morning before work, lets me suck him off during his lunch hour, fucks one of his cable customers every night after work, and then screws his wife when he gets home. The only problem is that with all of this sex he's having, it usually takes him forever to cum. Sometimes I spend 30 to 45 minutes sucking his cock before he shoots a load down my throat. I'm not complaining though because I'd be happy having his hard cock in my mouth for several hours. LOL

    You're probably gonna notice in the video that the cable guy is on his phone while I'm sucking his cock. No, he's not texting his wife, a customer, his boss, or playing video games. He's 100% straight, so he thinks he has to watch porn videos and pretend he's got a hot blond female prostitute with big tits giving him a suck and swallow blowjob. LOL

    Anyway, he's just one of many more guys who have cum to my house expecting to either fix the telephone or a leaky faucet, and then get a lot more than just a tip. I've had sex with numerous cable guys, plumbers, mailmen, UPS and FedEx men, electricians, pizza delivery boys, and even several door-to-door Mormon missionaries. Probably one of the reasons why I've gotten so many of these guys to fuck me is because I like to answer the door completely naked. LOL Well, almost naked... I've usually got a towel wrapped around me, or I'm holding a pillow in front of my junk with the excuse that I just got out of the shower. Depending on who it is, sometimes it's easier just to admit to them that I'm a nudist. LOL

    Anyway, since it's kinda difficult to sign for a package with one hand holding a pillow over my crotch, I've discovered that it's the easiest way to get these guys inside the house. Once the door is closed, that's when I "accidentally" let the towel or the pillow fall to the floor. OOPS! Sorry, but it takes both hands to sign a receipt and also handle a cardboard box full of pizza. LOL

    After these guys get a good look at my pierced dick and huge pumped balls, the rest is usually pretty easy. Some of them want to take a closer look, but a few have run screaming out the door. LOL Those who stick around and start asking questions about my junk are usually the ones who are obviously getting horny. I usually just watch to see if there's a bulge that's growing bigger and bigger underneath their uniform. LOL

    I'd say that I usually get lucky about 75% of the time, and I at least get to give them a blowjob. After they find out how good I am at doing it, then it's even easier to get them to fuck me when they cum back a second time. This one UPS guy always rings my doorbell three times, and then says he's got a "special delivery package" for me that's C.O.D. (Cum on Demand). LOL Since I'm sucking off three different delivery boys from Domino's, they usually end up fighting over which one is gonna get to deliver my pizza. LOL And yes, I also get a huge discount from the cable guy, along with lots of free movie channels. LOL

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