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  • Thanks for subscribing to #ElyXFilms, it is a huge compliment that you have decided to help finance my hole's adventures and important sexy research; if you haven't done so, you are about to choose one of the best ways to support me as #JFF gives us performers 70% of revenue.

    My work here divides into 5 series, the main and most prolific is #KingdomOfToys, in which my favorite toy at the moment is the ruler of them all (current ruler is #FlintXL by Bad Dragon). I often refer to this page entirely as Kingdom Of Toys.

    #RavishedByTheMachine consists of various dildo/fuck-machine configurations, often wild and experimental and sometimes mild and not so ravishing.

    In #XLShaftSurrender I am being trained as a martyr bottom to take the gigantic cocks of the Alien Gods and Monsters that inevitably will invade our planet... so they don't poke innocent victims. The series also features harrowing encounters with cock-shape-shifting Aliens that disguise as humans.

    The last two series, #Fistfuck and #InBlackCockWeThrust require little explanation. I like to keep things interesting with a few recurring themes as well, such as "The Neglected" (toys I can hardly take or I am bored of), the research of extremely thick paws through empirical observation, #ButtplugWeek and a few others, and I am always open to new suggestions and feedback.

    You will see most releases here from Thursday thru Sunday (not strictly). In the first part of the week sometimes I post art, and at times it might seem like a ghost town as I take care of other duties. I do post a lot of teasers, specially when I am making vids, it's a turn on. But if I tease, I please, and most teasers disappear once the full vid is released.

    As recurring fan you get unlimited free downloads. As 'one time only' subscriber you can request up to 4 or 5 vids while you visit. To download message me the titles of the vids (which appear during the first 30 sec), or the links to the original posts and I'll send to you. This arrangement will only take place here in JustForFans, in appreciation for your support.

    Thanks again for being my fans, it means a lot to me.


    Movie Length: 00:01:17
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  • SQUIRM - ElyX & Amerifist

    Movie Length: 00:31:47
  • Wanted to show off and finger my hole for everyone tonight

    Movie Length: 00:02:15
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  • Danny Olsen @NEW_DO777

    March 4, 2019, 6:57 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Extremely hot german shower 🚿 #watersports #piss #hairy #bigdicks #deepthroat #bareback

    Movie Length: 00:03:44
  • Danny Olsen @NEW_DO777

    March 13, 2019, 11:54 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Do you want to take shower 🚿 with me?

  • Judas King @iamjudasking

    June 4, 2019, 10:10 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Back from Utah Pride! More content coming soon!

Tell Us About Yourself:

Sex is a beautiful thing. Doing it, watching it, facilitating it, producing it, making art about it, an endless source activities that can all amount to feeling good, feeling healthy, feeling alive. There are those who don’t believe so, but, silly gooses, one day they will come around. I believe we are here to make each other feel good. From the relationship we have, to the smallest online interactions we learn how to help each other enjoy life and squeeze the most pleasure we can out of it. After all, life is short, so.... fuck it. Thanks in advance supporting my sexy line of work, you rock.

What can people expect on your page?

I am primarily releasing and extensive series of solo toy-play vids (Kingdom of Toys). It will include previously released footage carefully reedited to highlight the best scenes. I will constantly release new material as my fetish evolves and I acquire bigger and thicker toys. The Hardcore Fisting series will include FF top models, and in "In Black Cock We Thrust" I obviously get impaled by such. Expect selected screenshots, booty pics, funny experiments with toy insertions .... I plan to use this site as my blog, busy with sexy content, sort of like facebook, but my super sexy private Ffuckbook. Video scenes will be available for sale at a lower rate than in other sites. Please feel free to comment, request specific footage, give feedback (In Kingdom of Toys, there is always a 'ruler' or 'king' ... the current ruler is Flint Large by Bad Dragon).

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