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  • DerekAllen @DerekAllen

    August 12, 2020, 1:02 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Fuckkkkk. When @MBostonxxx came to town, I knew I had to taste that ass. And damn it tastes so good. I did a new rimming view, that I’m gonna keep doing, so you can see my face get buried in his smooth asshole. I love getting super deep into a guys hole so i can really taste him. 👅 Getting him on all fours, and then on his knees to suck me, really had me riled up, that I was already precumming before I slid into his raw hole. Hope you enjoy watching him deepthroat my cock too. Watching him gag it down made me get harder The rest of the 20 minute video later this week, where we both shoot massive loads. 😈😈💦💦💦

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I’ve always been a really sexual and open person. Just finally got comfortable showing it.

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I’m a top, hung with an 8 inch dick. I like being in charge, so you’ll see me and bossing the boys around and making them work for my load. Nothing drives me crazy like a nice ass on all fours (you’ll hear from my grunting and lots of dirty talk)

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