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    August 4, 2020, 2:31 am (Subscribers) | Report

    Full video breeding @taylorreignxxx. He’s such a good boy. 😇 As you know in the first half, his mouth drives me fucking crazy but wait till see his smooth ass my cock. I just love our chemistry. He really turns me on. Takes my load so good. Just wait round two, it may be even better, if you’re into feet 😉 I love the way his smooth hole in the jock takes my cock. The way his raw hole wraps around raw cock drove me crazy. Grab the poppers, take the breaks with me, that’s why i leave them in there (not bad editing) haha. 😈😛 Hope you enjoy boys 😈

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I’ve always been a really sexual and open person. Just finally got comfortable showing it.

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I’m a top, hung with an 8 inch dick. I like being in charge, so you’ll see me and bossing the boys around and making them work for my load. Nothing drives me crazy like a nice ass on all fours (you’ll hear from my grunting and lots of dirty talk)

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