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    July 24, 2020, 9:06 pm (Subscribers) | Report


    As I’m sure you are aware, this weekend is Dore Alley. But it’s not the Dore Alley we are accustomed too. It’s not the Dore I’m used to celebrating, and it’s not the Dore I’m used to sharing with you. 
    I miss you, and I know in my heart you miss Friendly Fire too. 
    It took a lot from my spirit this year to come to terms with the reality of the global situation, as well as my personal demons. 
    But I have come to an acceptance and can focus my time on constructive projects again!
    Today marks the day that would have been my 10th party, 'FRIENDLY FIRE: Red vs Blue' and while I am NOT having a physical party, or a Zoom virtual party, I invite you and your partners to celebrate the Dore season with a series of videos that were shot during the Friendly Fire events over the last few years!
    I uploaded them all to a new fan page called: JUSTFOR.FANS/DeepPocketsSF
This page serves as a FUNDRAISER to benefit THE STONEWALL PROJECT, a program of San Francisco AIDS Foundation that practices in the STRUT building in the Castro of San Francisco. This collective of therapists are focused on healing men that are struggling with substance abuse, in particular the biggest evil of all, crystal meth addiction. 
    On this fan site, you can help fundraise for The StoneWall Project, as well as get off to a series of SEXY videos that were shot LIVE during my event Friendly Fire: Red vs Blue over the last few years! 

    Some of the bigger names you will recognize in the videos are me, @Gage_Lennox, as well as @HungerFF and @BlueBaileyXXX 
    On the site you can either purchase an ongoing monthly subscription, with availability to cancel anytime you’d like. You can also choose to click the STORE tab and purchase individual downloads of the HD films, without having reoccurring monthly payments that come with having a Subscription. A subscription gives you access to ALL the videos and content, which is more cost-effective, at a reoccurring rate of $9.99 a month. New films will be added, I hope at least two a month. The individual films are priced at $4.99 each and are your copies to keep as a download.

    @HungerFF and I even made a 2020 tribute video in the name of Friendly Fire to help celebrate the Dore season this year! It's my most hardcore film I've made too, I take a baseball batt and heavy chain inside me! 
    There is no 'official' Friendly Fire event this year. But use this opportunity to watch our videos, most featuring music that is played during the events! and get off WITH US- or with a partner or buddy in your quarantine bubble. 
    Have your own Friendly Fire at home! Put us on your big screen! 

    So please consider a subscription to Deep Pockets SF’s fan site. And share this good cause with your friends and lovers! 
    We will have new videos uploaded every month, I won’t turn away anyone who wants to donate a film to this project! 
    In time I hope to have a very diverse catalog of adult films in the following months. Most films are pornographic in nature, but I have uploaded an interview I did in March about my own chemical use and journey. I hope to have a variety of films over the next few months targeted towards community interests.
    For intentions of mutual healing, here's my story on why I chose to focus the Friendly Fire spotlight on charity work this year:

    Earlier this year, in March, when the virus swept America, I turned to crystal meth as my escape. It tested my sanity, my friendships, and my relationship with Love. I almost forgot how to love myself and love life again. 
    I almost lost all of you to meth. I felt like my spirit was disappearing and my identity was stolen from me by my own undoing. I ended up going to the Emergency Room twice this pandemic, both for non-COVID related reasons. I was sexualizing my own self-destruction, wanting to escape a world where I felt like I couldn’t contribute to anymore. 
    After all, I found a community and a family based on core sexual values, and now it felt like for the first time in my career I had to tell myself, and all of you: please stop fucking. Hell had frozen over.
    By the grace of my own relationship with God and my close friendships, I got help. 
    Help came from many different angles, one of them was from The Stonewall Project. This organization inspired me to release an ongoing series of videos, some of myself and some of my peers in the adult film industry under the name Deep Pockets SF. 

    It is a progressive strategy to feature films of men, most I would imagine are not completely sober the time of filming, to raise funds to help others navigate their chemical use. 
    But this is a shared experience, a shared harm reduction, and a shared healing for our community. To me, it seems very fitting that porn can help this direct community- now more than ever with issues of depression and addiction on the rise. 
    There's a good chance many

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