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  • UndercoverCrunk @CrunkUndercover

    May 25, 2020, 11:34 pm (Public) | Report

    Let's talk #webcam #etiquette. 1️⃣CHILL OUT. Let yourself enjoy the peep-show. You paid to look at me & I'm here to be looked at! 2️⃣Chatting is okay. Don't feel you have to tip in order to chat. I don't mind going back and forth with fans with *simple* banter. Anything more in depth or time-consuming, though, should be reserved for a private 1-on-1...which is possible. Just say the word! 3️⃣Inordinate requests should be accompanied with an appropriate tip. Seriously, that's been the name of the game since the beginning of time. It's not going to cease being so now. Leastwise not with me. 4️⃣Tips make me give/show/perform/cum more. I can't speak for models, in general, but TIPS ANIMATE ME & KEEP ME ANIMATED. I work for the money! If you're a wallflower (see #1) and just into watching, that's cool too. No need to feel awkward about giving or not giving a tip; but know I'll always gladly give more when a tip has been slipped. 5️⃣Never insult or threaten.

    It's been mentioned, by more than a couple of subscribers, a feeling of "weirdness" or "creepiness" at participating in a webcam. You see me but no one sees you (anonymity) so I really don't get how one still feels weirded out by it. (My hunch is guilt; However, my principal study was psychology and a psychoanalysis, even from a sex worker, doesn't come free.) For many of us--yes, myself included--thanks to quarantine decrees this is our first try at webcams. Honestly, I wish I had gotten hip to this shit sooner! I love doing virtual live shows. It's so much more...enjoyable...and...worthwhile.

    From me to fan: there is absolutely no reason to be creeped out by watching my nakedness, LIVE/EN VIVO, from your computer in your corner of the planet. In these times, virtual interaction is more real than the real thing. And, be honest, would you *really* hit me up in the real world? Besides, social distance is the word of the day, babe, and I'm adhering to it. Please keep joining my cam shows. I do not require you to "pay more" for the pleasure of sitting there jerking off to me---even after you, or I, bust a nut💦

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After repeated difficulties connecting with fans via onlyfans.com a few of the ones who didn't bail on me suggested I try creating a page on here. I'm an alphamale specializing in lusty patrons & findom practitioners who get off giving generously and discreetly. I'm all man...no sissy 'puto de lujo' here?

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Subscribe and enjoy hot, graphic solo content posted 3 to 4 times six days/wk!! From striptease to stroking my big, cut dick until it spits cum; from butt play to feet; from underwear to showers; from nipple play to straight up muscle exhibitionism---if you like fine sweaty, black nakedness? For all this I expect--and respond generously to--regular tips/tributes/gifts?

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